Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mason beats Tulane, but...

doesn't look good doing it. Goff has it here and concurs. Tulane, despite their pedigree, is not very good, particularly on offense. I felt bad for that Puckett kid, the crowd at the Patriot Center was all over him. The Patriots should have blown that team out, but instead scraped by with their worst performance of the season.

If they play like that against the Dayton Flyers, mark it down, they will get HAMMERED. On the plus side, we now get some support in the AP Poll, via Kish at George Mason Basketball.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Q and O thumps the New York Times... HARD

Chris linked this at Mason Conservative, but I just can't help but pile on. Q and O hammers the NYT trying to defend Dodd, Frank and Raines, and pin it all on Republicans.

Not so fast, weasels.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Caroline Kennedy

All kidding aside, can anyone name one credential this woman has for being a United States Senator beyond her last name? Bueller... Bueller... Anyone?

That's what I thought.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Katon Dawson for RNC Chair

He's wildly successful as the South Carolina chair, and he has the ideas we need. Read this.

Other candidates include Michael Steele and Saul Anuzis, both "neoconservative" Bush types. Witness their assaults on Ron Paul during the primaries. We've had enough of that sort of thinking. Mike Duncan, unbelievably, is seeking another term after leading the party over a cliff as Jorge Bush's hand-picked guy. Now that takes cajones. Ken Blackwell is a recent entrant. I like him a lot, although he's not the most exciting or dynamic leader.

But Dawson, to me, stands head & shoulders above the rest.

Katon Dawson for RNC Chair.

Bill Bolling for Lieutenant Governor

Since it appears that the quixotic Muldoon campaign isn't going away any time soon, I'm going to once again state my support for Bill Bolling. Frankly, I wish he were going to be the gubernatorial nominee. I would have supported him over Bob McDonnell, who is still suspect in my eyes. I could understand Muldoon opposing McDonnell, but this is just nuts.

He has a snowball's chance at best, but let's not take any chances.

Hat Tip: Bearing Drift

Bush: I had to kill economic freedom to save it!

Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. THIS is his excuse for bailout madness.

Really, George? Really? REALLY?

He's the worst president since LBJ. Yes, worse than Nixon or even Carter. This man cannot be gone soon enough. He had a united Republican government, with a chance in 2002 to end things like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Department of Energy, Commerce, HUD, HHS, Education, Labor, and any other number of unconstitutional expansions of the federal government. He made an abortive attempt to reform Social Security. Beyond that, he dragged us into an unnecessary war in Iraq, spent money like a Democrat, exploded the deficit, devalued the currency, and is now giving out money like candy to his corporate friends, courtesy of Hank Paulson and his robber baron friends from Goldman Sachs. If he'd given half the effort to fiscal conservatism that he did to that Schiavo nonsense, he might at least have been decent.

As it stands, he has been an unmitigated disaster for conservatism, and for America. Thanks for nothing, Jorge. At least we stopped your immigration amnesty. I bet your corporate friends are still pissed at that.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mason hoops, VT football victorious; Caps get shut out

GMU handled the Ohio Bobcats yesterday. If they'd shot better, it could have been a 30 point win. Next up: Liberty, who look like they might be a handful this year.

Virginia Tech beat UVa 17-14. Now on to Jacksonville, and for the second straight year, a rematch with the Boston College Eagles. Let's go... HOKIES! Get those Yankees again this year.

Sadly, the Washington Capitals got blanked by the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets 3-0 on the road. Come on, Caps.... You have to start doing better away from home if you want to win in the playoffs.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I'm off to my dad's place in a few hours.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The mystery GOP Senator...

in this Politico piece says we need to become more like the Democrats to get Hispanic and moderate votes. I place in nomination the names of Lindsey Graham, Arlen Specter and Richard Lugar for this particular outbreak of Douchebag Conservatism.

This goes back to my Coke and Pepsi analogy... if we change Coke to be like Pepsi, aren't people just going to buy the freaking Pepsi? And what's the point of having a political party if you don't have organizing philosophy? Just let the Democrats run things; at least they have the courage of their convictions.

Whoever this is... please... resign.

Mason moves to 4-1...

by beating the Mount 72-60. And it could have been worse if the outside shooting were better. I am really pleased with Monroe. Very mature, composed, tough on post defense, everything you could ask of him.The year off looks like it's done him some good. Dre and JV still need to step up a bit more if this is going to be an NCAA season.

Nevertheless, the team looks good. Good, not great, but it's early.

GMU 3-1 after a road win over East Carolina.

Now let's beat Mt. St. Mary's tonight and make a statement. The Hampton loss is forgivable this early, given how badly the guards shot. But note to Dre Smith and John Vaughn: This is YOUR team, at least early on. Own it.

Props to Darryl Monroe, back and better than ever.

The effort to remove Jeff Frederick as RPV chair, and why it's wrong

Having been out of circulation as far as the blogosphere goes lately, I'm simply amazed at the hue and cry to remove Frederick. True, he's pretty much fallen flat on his much-ballyhooed effort the revamp the RPV website and coordinate more effectively with conservative blogs here in Virginia. He's also not shown any sort of inclination towards financial transparency. Nevertheless, it is WAY too early to be calling for his head. Surprise,surprise, the people in the forefront are the minions ofTom Davis, led by Ken Klinge.

It's not a surprise that the RINOs dislike Frederick, given that his wife (at least) was a big Ron Paul supporter, and Frederick himself has always stood against big government. It IS surprising that they would misread the bad news in these past elections as an opportunity to blame Frederick for everything. We had a completely pathetic Senate campaign that couldn't raise money and couldn't compete, and a Presidential nominee who no one seemingly wanted, but was all but inevitable after South Carolina. There was absolutely nothing Frederick could have done to change the dynamic in either case. Virgil Goode's loss is bad news, but didn't exactly run the greatest campaign, either.

I say give Jeff Frederick at least until the convention. If we need to make a change, make it there, or after.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

WAAAYYYY too early 2012 speculation

I'm thinking of former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, or Bobby Jindal. Possibly Sarah Palin, but she needs to let the social conservative stuff take a back seat to kitchen table, limited gov and economic issues.


Thanks to the good folks at BlogNetNews Virginia for adding me to their rolls.

Friday, November 7, 2008

O Glorious Day...

The Caps came from behind to beat the Hurricanes, Virginia Tech thumped the dirty turtles of Maryland in Blacksburg, and the Broncos beat Cleveland.

That is a complete sports day. The people are pleased.

That is all.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The way forward...

I went to bed somewhat depressed Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. America had elected a rabid black nationalist socialist to the Presidency, and expanded the majorities in Congress of the radical liberal Democratic leadership. I'd seen that Senator Ken Cuccinelli was the speaker at the monthly "Wednesday Wake-Up Club" breakfast at the Leadership Institute a couple of weeks before, so I'd made it a point to register. Needless to say, I was NOT looking forward to getting up early after a night like that.

Then I showed up, grabbed some breakfast and sat down to hear Ken speak. He laid it out fairly clearly: What happened Tuesday was largely self-inflicted. The leftists did not win, we lost. What does it say that I was unable to support the Republican nominee for President? That's the first time that's ever happened. We need a return to the message of Robert Taft, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. Smaller government, lower taxes, more liberty. As Ken pointed out, it starts right here in Virginia in 2009. Other than New Jersey, we are the only state up in 2009. Let's get the turnaround started right away by making Sen. Ken Cuccinelli the next Attorney General of Virginia. It's time.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President-Elect Obama

We can get into the ramifications of his victory later. For now, I'll just congratulate him on an amazing campaign. I did my best for Jim Gilmore, but it wasn't to be. Now it's all up to the remaining Republicans in the Senate to hold the line.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The homestretch...

Yes, folks... I've been severely, severely remiss in my posting. I put it down to the sheer revulsion I've been suffering. Republicans supporting the bailout, the coming Congressional bloodletting... you name it. I should mention there will be some Republicans losing whom I'll be glad to see gone, such as Chris Shays, Gordon Smith and Liddy Dole. But the real danger is that in the Senate, it gets so ugly that there's not enough resistance to filibuster things like the Orwellian "Employee Free Choice Act"... second only to the moniker attached to the bailout, "economic rescue" in terms of misrepresentation.

Despite my unhappiness with our House candidate, Mark Ellmore, I'll be voting to hold the odious Jim Moran accountable. Those of you who can, please, please, please support Keith Fimian and keep Connolly out of Congress. And I cannot possible overstate the need to make Jim Gilmore our next Senator. Mark Warner, there's no other way to put this, is a liar and schemer of Clintonian proportions. Say what you will about Gilmore, but he says what he means and means what he says. Throw in the fact that Warner will be a vote for EFCA and every other piece of socialist rubbish the Democrats want to pass, and this is probably the most important choice voters in Virginia will make Tuesday. Jim Gilmore for Senate.

As to the top of the ticket, I will be supporting the best conservative choice. And that is Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia. He is absolutely honest, hardworking, and actually has the nerve to believe that the government should be responsible to the taxpayer, unlike the two spendaholics being offered up by the major parties. He opposed every bailout from Bear Stearns on, unlike John McCain and the rabid black nationalist socialist.

That about covers it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bailout Fallout

After over two weeks of silence and frustration over the passage of the Great Bailout, I'll return to blogging and and vent a bit. Then, back to business as usual. I expected the Senate to pass it.

Let's face it, the Senate Republican caucus SUCKS. Badly. It features a bunch of Senators who aren't even recognizably Republican, let alone conservative. Arlen Specter (here's hoping Pat Toomey challenges him again in two years, I'll go up there and work for him), Lindsey Graham, Lamar Alexander, Ted Stevens, Lisa Murkowski, Mel Martinez, Thad Cochran, John Warner,and yes, John McCain, among many others, aren't worthy of membership in that caucus. McConnell is debatable, as is Liddy Dole. Despite the efforts of conservative heroes like Bunning, DeMint and Sessions, crap like this always passes in the self-congratulatory "World's Greatest Deliberative Body." It's why I stopped giving to the RNC years ago, and have NEVER given to the NRSC.

But my real anger is reserved for the House GOP. Harry Reid mentioned "sweeteners" in the bill to get some House votes. That's code for buying votes with pork. And it worked. Let's look at the House leadership. Roy Blunt has long been a disgrace. He was Tom DeLay's point man on arm-twisting good conservatives into voting for that Medicare drug boondoggle in 2004. He's been at the forefront of every sellout of conservatives principles just like this one. And he led the charge on this. If he resigns today, it won't be soon enough.

Boehner is perhaps worse, because he was once a conservative, and KNOWS BETTER. He called the amnesty bill a "piece of s**t", and made sure it got out that he said that, even though he'd promised Jorge Bush he'd help get it passed. But now he's sold out on the bailout, and along with all the other failures of leadership, he needs to go. I refuse to buy any of his BS excuses for pushing this. He sold out.

Last, but sadly not least, is our own Eric Cantor. He introdued an alternative bill with Hensarling, then flipped and supported the Paulson bill. Both times. So much for Cantor being the GOP hero of the House, and potentially the first Jewish Speaker. So sad. I will never support the NRCC again.

Everyone, without exception, who supported this crap at all, needs to go.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Great Bailout may be stopped after all...

Per Politico, the one group I thought had a shot at stopping this unconstitutional rubbish may just pull it off... The House Republicans. Pelosi won't push the Democrats to vote for a bailout without the House GOP on board to a great degree, and therein lies the opportunity. Here's hoping that Bush and his minions don't arm twist good conservatives and thereby leave us one final kick in the unmentionables before he leaves office. McCain, with his behavior and choices the last couple days, has ended any chance of my supporting the GOP ticket. Sorry, Gov. Palin.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bunning hammers Bush and his cronies on The Great Bailout

If nothing else, at least small-government conservatives feel free to hammer away at The Compassionate "Conservative" (cue the laugh track) over his coming to the rescue of his friends on Wall Street. Sen. Bunning crushes it out of the park.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

$86 Billion??? Are you SERIOUS?

$86 billion dollars. That's what our friends at the New York Federal Reserve Bank are shelling out to save AIG. When the Fed turned down Lehman Bros. when they showed up rattling their tin cup, I foolishly hoped we'd seen the end of bailouts as we knew it. No such luck.

Deplorable. "Too big to fail." You cannot be serious. Keep in mind that AIG spurned a private equity rescue led by Flowers the other day, hoping to get money from the Fed with no strings so current management could stay on. Sure enough...

D.C. United embarrasses itself in Champions League debut

It was as if Soehn surrendered. Thompson? WELLS? McTavish? This is the biggest competition United is playing in. Saprissa knows it, they brought what they had, their best lineup, and smoked us in our own house, and brought lots of fans with them. Kudos to them.

United, wake up. I expect our best lineup against Cruz Azul, and at least ten points in the group stage.

This was just pathetic.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Russell Brand (whoever he is)

I just can't let that crap at the VMAs go... I have no idea who he is, but Mr. Brand... please shut the f**k up and mind your business, you stinking emo Europansy. Nice hair too, jackhole.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Biden puts his foot in...

Did Obama just slip up? Or was it a direct insult to the GOP Vice Presidential nominee?

It doesn't matter, because, just as I figured would happen, Joe Biden has opened his trap and said something disgusting.

Nice one, Joe.

I'll be at the McCain-Palin rally

Tomorrow at Fairfax High School. Okay, Sen. McCain. This is your shot to get my support. Show me.

Would I be there without Sarah Palin on the ticket? No.

Update: Make that Van Dyck Park. The rally got too big for the high school.

Patrick Mara apparently has upset Carol Schwartz

That's right... a REAL Republican on the D.C. City Council. So says the data thus far.

Good for him. And good riddance to Schwartz the RINO.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

US Open Cup champs!!!

And in other news, my boys United defeated the Charleston Battery 2-1 at RFK tonight to become the 2008 U.S. Open Cup champs. Hell. Yes. National champions. This competition deserves the utmost respect from every team in America. It needs to become like the F.A. Cup, Scottish Cup or Copa del Rey, a prestigious national championship competition. Honestly, the MLS Cup really feels unimpressive in comparison.

Bonus: D.C. United punched their ticket to the 2009 CONCACAF Champions League with this win.

And her speech was tremendous!

Sarah Palin just finished hitting Barack Obama and the Washington political and press elite just about as hard as she could. Tremendous. This is clearly a woman not to be trifled with. She hit them on their big government plan for the United States, and on Obama's clear disdain for small-town America. Keep this up and this ticket may get my vote. She is nothing short of amazing.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin!!!

At long last, John McCain throws the ball into the end zone, into a crowd. takes a big risk. And comes up HUGE.

This resuscitates the chances of my voting for him, but he needs to show me a lot more. As of now, I still stand with Bob Barr, but this really got my attention. And observe the rage of the liberals over a strong conservative woman violating their code of identity politics.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


And as if we didn't have enough foreign policy problems... Thanks, Vlad. Let me take this opportunity to thank President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Secretary Rice for their strong support for Georgia. I think we can all pronounce freedom in Russia dead. The place is no longer the fledgling republic it was under Yeltsin. Putin and his goon squad have completely transformed the country over the past 6-7 years. And the bear is hungry.

I'm going to depart from my normal libertarian/paleoconservative foreign policy worldview here. We need to do everything possible to guarantee the sovereignty and integrity of not only Georgia, but Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and every other former Soviet/Russian satellite. Yes, up to sending troops there. I wonder how Vlad would like a U.S. Air Force base in Georgia, and a U.S. naval base at Kerch?

Two observations... The silliness of Kosovo just came back to bite us. Everything the Russians and Serbs said on that was right on.

And secondly... maybe if we weren't screwing around in Iraq we could really deal with the Georgia crisis.

The Dems as of Tuesday evening...

During my hiatus, I knew that I would have to rant about the freakshow that is the Democratic National Convention upon my return. Our own Marky Mark delivered the keynote last night. RWL, in his best post in a long time, feeds it through the Translator. Classic stuff. Then we have the spectacle of Ted Kennedy, everyone's favorite longtime socialist alcoholic murderer, trying to demand that Barack Obama be elected President in his memory. Spare me. Maybe this is too far, but I'm going to say it anyway. Please, just die, Ted. You've inflicted plenty enough damage on our country already. Failing that, at least resign and shut up.

Hillary Clinton just looked upset during her whole speech. You get the feeling she thinks this was somehow "stolen" from her. Let's see, you and your husband controlled your party for the last 15 years, you had almost the entire Democratic establishment in your back pocket in January of '07 (besides Howard Dean), and you still couldn't come through. Maybe it's because people finally figured out you're a walking, talking pillar of pander, and will say anything to win, and haven't really accomplished... well... anything in the United States Senate. Or, really, ever, besides getting rich at other peoples' expense. Just saying.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just say "NO" to New Coke

Over at The Oath, we have an email discussion posted of his debate with a friend over whether to support John McCain. I have to agree with The Oath. No, thank you. As I have in private discussions many times, let me make the analogy of McCain and neoconservatism to "New Coke" circa 1984-85. For years, good ol' Coke (Goldwater conservatism) had been serving the nation and the Republican party well. Freedom, less government, lower taxes, personal responsibility. But about 25-30 years ago, here come Wolfowitz, Kristol the Elder and Younger, Richard Perle and the like, Democrats all, fleeing that party and joining the GOP.

They bring with them New Coke (neoconservatism/big government conservatism), which they claim is new and different and better and more advanced than the old Coke. In reality, its syrupy sweetness likens it more to Pepsi (the Democratic party) than any type of Coke. In the face of public uproar, at first the exponents of New Coke continue to insist, against all evidence, that the new formula is superior, even taking an increasingly insulting tone. After a sustained period of outrage and dropping sales (McCain 2008), the switch is made back to the old Coke ("Coke Classic.")

One hopes the GOP takes a lesson from this after the impending rout, and returns to real conservatism.

Chichester and his RINO brethren

Over at Bloggers for Gilmore, Justice Leaguer brings up one of my favorite topics, the group of RINOs that have been festering in the GA, and particularly the Senate, for years. I cannot abide Chichester. I grew up in Stafford County, in his district, in the 70s and 80s and watched his rise. Now he's helping Marky Mark's campaign. He is an insufferably arrogant, pompous so-and-so. I'm glad he's gone, along with Potts, Callahan and the like. I hope guys like Emmett Hanger, Bill Howell, Dave Albo and Tommy Norment follow him out the door in years to come. If you aren't for minimizing the state government to only things the citizens and their local governments can't do, and correspondingly shrinking the tax burden, we don't need you. Scram, RINOs and DCs.

One more reason to support Jim Gilmore.

Resign, Senator Ted Stevens. Now. Please.

It's bad enough that this guy may be the biggest porker in the history of Congress. It's bad enough that he regularly cajoles and threatens to keep stealing money from the taxpayers of the United States and sending it home to Alaska and to his friends. But now he's been indicted... yes, indicted, this past week for accepting gifts and favors for doing so. He is a walking, talking avatar of everything wrong with the Senate, the Congress, and the federal government in general. Resign, Ted, and save us some taxpayer dollars.

Bonus, we'll get ourselves a better Senator from Alaska, no matter if it's Dave Cuddy (hopefully), Vic Vickers, or even Democrat Mark Begich.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

STD Fact Checks Mark Warner's "Fact Check"

Warner tries to pander to "conventional wisdom" about the effect of drilling on oil prices, but subsequent events cause it to blow up in his face. Funny how supply is linked to demand... especially since commodities trading has nothing in common with the stock market, where perception is reality, right? Where is the Washington Post on this now? How about the Richmond Times-Dispatch? No? Got nothin'? STD is right on.. if this were George Allen or Jim Gilmore, it would be front-page news.

I have no doubt Warner will just pretend he never said any of that, but we need to hold him responsible, since the MSM clearly will not. Well done, Spank.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mark Warner must be stopped

Not only will he vote with Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Bob Byrd, but I can already see the excuse-making, the talking past people's objections, and the outright lying in his campaign, particularly about the massive tax increases and unrestrained spending increases during his term as Governor. This is not a man we need representing our state. Say what you will about Jim Webb, but at least you know exactly where he stands. Not the case with Mark Warner. It is absolutely vital to make Jim Gilmore our next U.S. Senator.

Cross-posted at Bloggers 4 Jim Gilmore.

Right Wing Liberal comes aboard...

Better late than never. :)

There's just no comparison between Cuccinelli and Foster/Brownlee.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Transportation Mess

Let me begin by saying I do not support ANY of the plans put forth by the Governor or the General Assembly. However, we MUST recognize that we need a dedicated revenue stream for transportation, for everything from Metro to correcting the myriad shortcoming of our state infrastructure. Over at Mason Conservative (by way of Jim Bowden), there is an excellent post about Bob Marshall's heroic efforts to straighten out this mess, with no help from our hero Bill Howell. Bob doesn't just immediately seek 'compromise' on any given issue, he looks for the best, no-nonsense, conservative solution. I LOVE his idea to do away with the federal ethanol mandate. That is high in the running for most ridiculous federal boondoggle of the past 10 years. Eat corn, don't burn it.

I would be in favor of a dedicated gasoline tax to pay for transportation. The big caveat is we can't have the state government "pulling a Mark Warner" and absconding with the transportation money for other purposes. We could also find things to eliminate in the budget to pay for transportation, but then guys like Howell and Albo and Norment will tell us there's nothing more to cut, right?

Yet another reason why Bob Marshall needs to be the next Speaker.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Hope everyone keeps safe and enjoys their long holiday weekend. I know I will.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bob Barr for President

And so due to McCain's unpalatability, I support Bob Barr for President of the United States. He is by far the candidate with the best conservative credentials.

He has a bit of a blind spot on the war in Iraq, true. But I agree with him that it was a politically motivated move by the neocons to take us in there, I just disagree with his call for withdrawal. The REAL bad guys are there now, Al Qaeda and their ilk, as well as al-Sadr, and we can't leave before we wipe them out.

But by and large, he is head and shoulders above John McCain, to say nothing of Barack Obama. I stand with Bob Barr. The national GOP needs a wake-up call on spending and civil liberties. This is it.

Bye bye, Cannon!!!

Congratulations to Jason Chaffetz. He just did the party and the nation a BIG favor... Chris Cannon has been an unabashed amnesty hound since he got to Congress. Now don't get me wrong, Cannon was great on some things, but he's the kind of "conservative" that needed to be sent a message.

Perhaps the most overlooked element about illegal immigrants is the costs. Everyone likes to point out the sovereignty, security and cultural problems they bring, but the clincher is they cost us a lot of money. The remittances leaving our economy, the social services they absorb, the jobs they take and devalue, the list goes on...

This by itself is enough to prevent me casting my vote for John McCain.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Convention

was an interesting, uproarious time... much more so than 2001.

Congrats to Jim Gilmore.It was very close. The 7th saved him at the end.

And BIG congrats to Jeff Frederick.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gilmore does his Hillary "inevitability" impression

in an interview at the Washington Times earlier this month, apparently:

..."I think I'll be the nominee of the party, I don't think that that's gonna be an issue," Mr. Gilmore told editors and reporters at The Washington Times earlier this month. "But we have to get our people to the convention and make sure that they're there, and that they're voting. But we see no indication that I won't be the nominee."...

Keep telling yourself that, Gov. Gilmore.

Jeff Frederick for RPV Chair

I was hoping to avoid this moment, but I just can't.

Hager's people are apparently using official RPV resources to help him win re-election as party chair. Chris Beer and Waldo Jaquith (!) have the story. I should point out I got the same email Waldo did.

I've been leaning towards supporting Jeff Frederick lately anyhow, and on Wednesday I got a nice call from Mrs. Frederick asking for my support. It's time for the old bulls to step aside and let there be a new birth of conservative leadership in the party and in the Old Dominion. I like John Hager, but this tips the scales. Jeff will be getting my vote Saturday.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Cuccinelli for AG

With Mr. Brownlee's entry into the race, I thought it appropriate to make it official.

We need a principled conservative in the AG's office for the next four years. Let's elect him.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bob Marshall For Senate

A few months ago, I endorsed Jim Gilmore's Senate candidacy on this blog. This campaign has shown me that he is NOT the man for the job. He is a classic glad-handing establishment politician. The Republican party, particularly here in the Old Dominion, is at a crisis point in terms of not only electoral success, but in terms of its identity. We have lost our way very, very badly the past few years by pandering to a very loud, very boorish social conservative minority, while at the same time making a Faustian bargain with people who are anything but conservative for the sake of winning. The worst part is that we keep losing despite that.

It's time for a change. Bob Marshall actually took the time to call me personally a week or two ago, and spent half an hour making a powerful case for his candidacy. I part ways with him on some social issues, but he is absolutely right on on just about everything else from fiscal issues to border security and immigration. He does not ever compromise his fundamental principles. It's just not close.

Bob Marshall for Senate. I plan to support him at the convention next week. Join me.

Death to the Farm Bill

As readers of this blog know, I have my problems with President Bush on a great many issues ranging from Iraq to faith-based programs. However, by vetoing the farm bill, he took a tough and unpopular (thus far) stance against the exact kind of federal government handouts we need to put a stop to for good. The mistake of leaving out part of it gives conservatives (and anyone else who believes we shouldn't be subsidizing particular sectors of the country for no good reason) a second chance to rally against it. Let's not waste it. Everything from ethanol subsidies and mandates to food stamp programs (clearly what the federal government ought to be doing, right?) are in this bill, and none of it is good. The pressure is on the GOP leadership, particularly McConnell, to step up to the plate and fight this.

Support the President's courageous stand and sustain his veto, Congressional Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Tanc backs Bob Marshall

Per the DCPost blog...

I always liked the Tanc a lot... he calls it like he sees and has been an absolute American hero for his work on immigration issues.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Congresscritters Strike Again

Anyone still wondering why the GOP Congress was such a disappointment for the 12 years it had power? One (more) reason is guys like Kit Bond. The Air Force would like to continue purchasing the F-22, the most advanced air superiority fighter in existence. But Sen. Bond would rather see obsolete F-15 Eagles produced simply because they're built in his home state of Missouri. This is a classic case of a Congresscritter, to use a term from days gone by, dulling the edge of the American sword just for the sake of some jobs (votes, perhaps?) back home. The job of every defense appropriator should be to give the armed services everything they need to be successful in their mission. That means buying as many Raptors and JSFs as the Air Force needs, not ramming old aircraft down the throats of our military and risking the lives of our pilots and the security of our nation. Kit Bond is an example of exactly what we DON'T need in the Republican caucus.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Energy Policy & the Senate Race

In a post the other day, Mason Conservative talks about energy policy, including things like alternative energy, drilling, the works. To me, this is not a complicated problem.

1. Drill. Everywhere we might find domestic sources of petroleum.

2. Build refineries, for the first time in a long time. For too long, the federal government and the state governments have stood in their the way of new domestic refineries. It's time for that to end.

3. Build nuclear power plants as fast as possible. The French have figured it out, getting a vst majority of their electricity from yes, nuclear power. It's limitless, incredibly safe, and lasts a long, long time.

This will solve our energy independence problem. Not exactly rocket science.

I should also address the Senate race. As I see it, the likelihood of stopping Mark Warner shrinks by the day. Jim Gilmore, who I endorsed on this blog a few months ago, still comes off as arrogant, blinkered, and blind to the difficulty of the race he's in. Bob Marshall is running a great race, but as MC says in the post linked above, hasn't really played ball with national issues like energy earlier. Bob Berry simply has not made a serious effort. There is a CHANCE Marshall upsets Gilmore at the convention, but I'm not betting on it. Whether it's Gilmore or Marshall, I expect the tidal wave to sweep over our nominee this year, I'm sorry to say. The good news is, Jim Webb is very vulnerable next time around.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bob Barr

I'm seriously considering supporting his candidacy, what does everyone think? Unless Hillary Clinton is the Dem nominee, there is no way I will support McCain.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A MUST-READ for conservatives

For those of you who don't know who Barry Goldwater was or how he defined real conservatism, you REALLY need to read this. For those who do, it's a refresher on what we're supposedly all fighting for, how our coaliion came together and why it's coming apart. Victor Gold skewers DCs, neocons and RINOs in grand style, and takes some shots at the sound-bite politics of today being practiced by the establishment of both parties and the media. If we truly want a conservatism worth fighting for, the ideas put forth in this book are the place to start. Also gives some examples of why Jorge Bush and his handlers Rove and Cheney, as well as McCain, are NOT conservatives. Go buy it. Now.

Back after a hiatus...

Yes, I know it's been quite some time. Much has changed. To state the obvious, almost every palatable Presidential candidate is out. My friends, associates and readers all know I share RWL's complete distaste for Huckabee. I simply don't buy Mitt Romney, even for a second. He's only become conservative since he started running for President. He is an elitist county club RINO who thinks he can sell us on his new persona. He is wrong. John McCain is John McCain. Enough said.

That leaves Ron Paul. Yes, I realize his great yawning weakness on foreign policy and the war. But he stands foursquare against the neoconservatives and the DCs, and opposes just about every unconstitutional federal expenditure or powergrab I can think of offhand. Domestically, he is what our founders had in mind. For now, Ron Paul for President. I plan to support him on the 12th. I encourage all of you to do the same. If he is out, and given his performance today, that's possible, I may cross over and vote in the Dem primary for Barack Obama to stop Hillary Clinton. I disagree with the extremely liberal Obama on nearly everything, but he's a good man trying to do good for America. The same cannot be said of the Clintons. Their campaign must be stopped.

In other news, Mason got the key win over VCU to compensate for the loss at UNCW. We've drawn Ohio as our BracketBuster opponent as a reward. Winning in Athens will be extremely difficult, but I think this team can do it. Realistically, we cannot afford another regular season loss, and need to make it at least to the semifinals in Richmond if we want at-large consideration. Focus, gentlemen. Focus. Do that, and we will dance.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meghan Cox Gurdon in the Examiner

Get a gander at this.

I'll lay aside for the moment my ideological opposition to Frum and his ilk. Cox Gurdon is essentially endorsing Frum from the standpoint of "Wow, we got away from our principles and let some power-hungry incompetents lead our party for a while. Let's get with the socialist program since the Democrats just won with it. Never mind what we're supposed to stand for. It's more important to win than to stand for anything."


If that is where the Republican party continues to go, I will wholeheartedly vote Democrat. Better to put the pedal to the metal and go to full-blown socialism and have the nation crash sooner than later, and start the rebuilding process. Being slightly less socialist is no strategy or ideology. The whole point is to be FOR something, isn't it? Words cannot describe how disgusted I am with this kind of thinking. Must be going around those dinner parties she and Frum go to.

And now DELAWARE???

Blowing another big second half lead on the road is inexcusable. This team has regressed big time since the Old Spice Classic... I'm worried about the complete inability to win a significant road game. Jordan Carter, never one of my favorites, looked terrible. I think it's time to look at Cam Long as the point man, or least split those duties between he and Folarin Campbell. I think we can lose again in conference, maybe 1 or 2, and certainly not at home, and still hope for a decent seed or at-large slot.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Georgia State and Iowa...

First tings first... That loss to Georgia State today was UGLY.. big time. Choking away a 13 point halftime lead against a bad team, even on the road, is just unacceptable. Between that adn the ECU loss, we took all our juice and poured it right out. We can afford perhaps 2 more losses in conference, and need to smoke our BracketBuster opponent just to have a viable at-large shot.

Secondly... everyone who supports Duncan Hunter needs to do everything they can to help him show well in Iowa. Those administration-worshippers at Fox News are in the tank for Giuliani, so they've excluded Congressmen Hunter and Paul from the forum with Chris Wallace on Sunday up in New Hampshire. Disgraceful. Prove them wrong by contacting the Hunter campaign and asking what you can do to help.