Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mason beats Tulane, but...

doesn't look good doing it. Goff has it here and concurs. Tulane, despite their pedigree, is not very good, particularly on offense. I felt bad for that Puckett kid, the crowd at the Patriot Center was all over him. The Patriots should have blown that team out, but instead scraped by with their worst performance of the season.

If they play like that against the Dayton Flyers, mark it down, they will get HAMMERED. On the plus side, we now get some support in the AP Poll, via Kish at George Mason Basketball.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Q and O thumps the New York Times... HARD

Chris linked this at Mason Conservative, but I just can't help but pile on. Q and O hammers the NYT trying to defend Dodd, Frank and Raines, and pin it all on Republicans.

Not so fast, weasels.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Caroline Kennedy

All kidding aside, can anyone name one credential this woman has for being a United States Senator beyond her last name? Bueller... Bueller... Anyone?

That's what I thought.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Katon Dawson for RNC Chair

He's wildly successful as the South Carolina chair, and he has the ideas we need. Read this.

Other candidates include Michael Steele and Saul Anuzis, both "neoconservative" Bush types. Witness their assaults on Ron Paul during the primaries. We've had enough of that sort of thinking. Mike Duncan, unbelievably, is seeking another term after leading the party over a cliff as Jorge Bush's hand-picked guy. Now that takes cajones. Ken Blackwell is a recent entrant. I like him a lot, although he's not the most exciting or dynamic leader.

But Dawson, to me, stands head & shoulders above the rest.

Katon Dawson for RNC Chair.

Bill Bolling for Lieutenant Governor

Since it appears that the quixotic Muldoon campaign isn't going away any time soon, I'm going to once again state my support for Bill Bolling. Frankly, I wish he were going to be the gubernatorial nominee. I would have supported him over Bob McDonnell, who is still suspect in my eyes. I could understand Muldoon opposing McDonnell, but this is just nuts.

He has a snowball's chance at best, but let's not take any chances.

Hat Tip: Bearing Drift

Bush: I had to kill economic freedom to save it!

Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. THIS is his excuse for bailout madness.

Really, George? Really? REALLY?

He's the worst president since LBJ. Yes, worse than Nixon or even Carter. This man cannot be gone soon enough. He had a united Republican government, with a chance in 2002 to end things like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Department of Energy, Commerce, HUD, HHS, Education, Labor, and any other number of unconstitutional expansions of the federal government. He made an abortive attempt to reform Social Security. Beyond that, he dragged us into an unnecessary war in Iraq, spent money like a Democrat, exploded the deficit, devalued the currency, and is now giving out money like candy to his corporate friends, courtesy of Hank Paulson and his robber baron friends from Goldman Sachs. If he'd given half the effort to fiscal conservatism that he did to that Schiavo nonsense, he might at least have been decent.

As it stands, he has been an unmitigated disaster for conservatism, and for America. Thanks for nothing, Jorge. At least we stopped your immigration amnesty. I bet your corporate friends are still pissed at that.