Wednesday, July 29, 2009

McConnell Must Go

To follow up on what Mason Conservative had to say earlier, McConnell is terrible. He's a former conservative who's just in there to go along to get along these days. He should not be the Minority Leader. How he treated Jim Bunning, a REAL conservative is unconscionable, and I admire Bunning for calling him out on it Monday. Jim Bunning has been a better Senator than McConnell ever has been. Maybe he didn't run a great race six years ago, but he fights for the ideals he supposedly believes in, in contrast to McConnell, who's done little of interest to conservatives since he fought "campaign finance reform" lo, these many years ago.

McConnell, of course, refused to own up to crippling Bunning's fundraising ability over the last year or so. H even recruited his minion Trey Grayson to run against Bunning in the primary. With Bunning out, Rand Paul is the man that needs to win that seat. Every good conservative and libertarian needs to ensure he wins.

Tim Nank For Delegate

Tim Nank came by our house with some literature the other day, so I took the opportunity to have a look at his website. Excellent candidate, and those of us here in the Groveton/Kingstowne area who appreciate individual liberty and spending restraint sure won't be sad to see the back of Mark Sickles. This is an easy endorsement. It's good to see strong candidates playing offense against seats the Dems think they own.

Tim Nank for Delegate, 43rd District.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama and his "Health Reform" road show

The GOP and/or the conservative movement needs to dog Obama at every stop on his tour. Remember what the Dems did to Bush when he tried to reform Social Security? They followed him to every stop. The socialized medicine plan is in some trouble, now that it's slipped out that the House bill eliminates any new private plans after a certain date. They need to be stopped. No compromise.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

McDonnell still leads in cash race, but...

...Deeds is catching up. Our erstwhile attorney general needs to do better, considering how he once remarked he spends "75% of his time fundraising."

As most of my readers know, I'm not sold on Bob McDonnell. Not even a little. I'll likely support him, but given his stances on taxes and guns, and the way he started running for governor the moment he eked out a win over Deeds for the AG slot, I'll have to think about it first. He'll finish behind Cuccinelli and Bolling in terms of votes on our ticket.

We could have done better.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day

... enough said. I attended the March For Liberty earlier, and am headed out in a while to catch the fireworks. Enjoy, everyone.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Heritage and the CBO on "cap and trade"

Heritage's view of the "cap and trade" national energy tax scheme is proven right by the Congressional Budget Office.

The Senate has GOT to stop this blatant power grab by the greens and the left, it's despicable.

Ken Cuccinelli in National Review

This is what we need, national exposure for a guy who actually gets what the conservative movement is supposed to be about.

Money quote:

Shannon currently leads in fundraising. But Cuccinelli insists that victory is just a means, not the end. “The point is to accomplish the agenda,” he says. What is the agenda? “I’m running to advance a more limited-government, pro-family agenda. The founding fathers would approve.”

THIS is why he's going to get the most votes of anyone on our statewide ticket this fall.