Sunday, March 14, 2010

The evangelical types dislike the tea party activists because...

...they're not focused on ridiculous issues like abortion and stopping gay marriage.

Theocons are a cancer on conservatism, and by nature are NOT conservative because they want to use the power of the government for social engineering just like the left does. They simply have different goals. I'm glad they don't like us.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

RINOs jumping on Beck's CPAC speech

It's a couple weeks on, and the RINOs and DCs are still upset about Glenn Beck's amazing keynote speech at CPAC. It started with Bill Bennett, who has always been a huge RINO in my estimation, like his friends Jack Kemp (RIP) and Newt Gingrich. Then Limbaugh and Levin surprisingly piled on, basically saying the GOP needs help right now. As Beck essentially said, it's no longer good enough to be just slightly less socialist than the Democrats. If that's their sole justification, we're sunk. We need to be FOR something. Glenn Beck did well by real conservatives.