Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Beat Hampton!

I'll be watching at Bennigan's over at Seven Corners. Let's just hope that terrible performance against ECU on Sunday was a wake-up call. I think this team got to reading their own press clippings and failed to bring it, something you rarely see out of a Larranaga-coached team. GMU should have crushed those Pirates by 35. Now let's take it out on another crew of Pirates tonight.

Gilmore For Senate

First post since the Advance. Had a wonderful time, met some great folks and worked the Hunter table and chatted it up in the various hospitality suites. Saturday night after the speeches and Straw Poll, I visited Gov. Gilmore's suite. He'd given the best speech I've seen out of him earlier. I've long been a skeptic of Jim Gilmore, due to the budget fight with the Senate when he was governor, and his job at the RNC, and most recently his Presidential run. Then I spoke with him Saturday evening in person at his suite. He was very complimentary of Duncan, and we eventually got to his Senate race. He was very clear that he intends to make a strong effort up here in Fairfax, and I said "All we need to do is get 40% in Fairfax County, and we win!" His response? "I won Fairfax both times in statewide races, I'll win it again. I want 51%!" He was at his best, really engaging people individually.

I was very disappointed in Saxman. Why show up and give a speech saying you're not running? I don't get it. Was he expecting us all to hail him as our savior, then when we didn't, he got cold feet? I doubt he came to the Advance solely to promote his Kitchen Table PAC. Running a statewide race is actual work, Del. Saxman. A lot of it. Remember that if you plan to run in 2009.

As it stands, we have our candidate, Jim Gilmore. I plan to do everything I can to help him. Okay, Mark Warner, let's fight. I think your coronation may be disrupted.