Sunday, May 30, 2010

Much ado about nothing... how I see the tempest over Patrick Murray's views on abortion. This is the 8th district people. This issue is NOT a priority for most of the voters in the 8th one way or the other. Can we please focus on more important issues, like fiscal issues and defense issues? Maybe even the competence and experience of the candidates? There is a real chance to beat Jim Moran this year, let's not waste it. Patrick is the more broadly-experienced, articulate, personable candidate by a large margin. I like Matthew Berry, but have you seen him speak in public? Seen the debates thus far? I have concenrs about how he'd handle the stage with Jim Moran. No concerns with Murray. The worst thing you can say about the Murray campaign is that they haven't updated and fact-checked their mailers. While bad, that's a common mistake.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dick Black enters the 33rd District race...

...for keeps, it appears. That makes it apparent he's challenging his friend Patricia Phillips, as well as Michael "Spike" Williams (pending what the Dems do with Hunter Mill in redistricting, of course.)

He's been to multiple events promoting his candidacy now, and given his reputation there's no going back.

As discussed at Too Conservative and Renaissance Ruminations, Dick Black CANNOT win a general election. He allowed himself to be vastly outspent in his 2005 reelection campaign, even when it was clear it wasn't good year for Republicans, got beat, tried to carpetbag his way down into the 1st Congressional seat in 2007 (and then ended up advising Bob Berry NOT to be a "perennial candidate" before he jumped into the U.S. Senate contest!) and now, plastic fetuses in tow, he's going to try and bump off Patricia, a much better candidate, for the sake of his own ego. No, thank you, Dick. Please, do the smart thing, stay on the sidelines, help Patricia raise money, and relax.

Patricia Phillips for Senate. Still.