Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Great Bailout may be stopped after all...

Per Politico, the one group I thought had a shot at stopping this unconstitutional rubbish may just pull it off... The House Republicans. Pelosi won't push the Democrats to vote for a bailout without the House GOP on board to a great degree, and therein lies the opportunity. Here's hoping that Bush and his minions don't arm twist good conservatives and thereby leave us one final kick in the unmentionables before he leaves office. McCain, with his behavior and choices the last couple days, has ended any chance of my supporting the GOP ticket. Sorry, Gov. Palin.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bunning hammers Bush and his cronies on The Great Bailout

If nothing else, at least small-government conservatives feel free to hammer away at The Compassionate "Conservative" (cue the laugh track) over his coming to the rescue of his friends on Wall Street. Sen. Bunning crushes it out of the park.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

$86 Billion??? Are you SERIOUS?

$86 billion dollars. That's what our friends at the New York Federal Reserve Bank are shelling out to save AIG. When the Fed turned down Lehman Bros. when they showed up rattling their tin cup, I foolishly hoped we'd seen the end of bailouts as we knew it. No such luck.

Deplorable. "Too big to fail." You cannot be serious. Keep in mind that AIG spurned a private equity rescue led by Flowers the other day, hoping to get money from the Fed with no strings so current management could stay on. Sure enough...

D.C. United embarrasses itself in Champions League debut

It was as if Soehn surrendered. Thompson? WELLS? McTavish? This is the biggest competition United is playing in. Saprissa knows it, they brought what they had, their best lineup, and smoked us in our own house, and brought lots of fans with them. Kudos to them.

United, wake up. I expect our best lineup against Cruz Azul, and at least ten points in the group stage.

This was just pathetic.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Russell Brand (whoever he is)

I just can't let that crap at the VMAs go... I have no idea who he is, but Mr. Brand... please shut the f**k up and mind your business, you stinking emo Europansy. Nice hair too, jackhole.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Biden puts his foot in...

Did Obama just slip up? Or was it a direct insult to the GOP Vice Presidential nominee?

It doesn't matter, because, just as I figured would happen, Joe Biden has opened his trap and said something disgusting.

Nice one, Joe.

I'll be at the McCain-Palin rally

Tomorrow at Fairfax High School. Okay, Sen. McCain. This is your shot to get my support. Show me.

Would I be there without Sarah Palin on the ticket? No.

Update: Make that Van Dyck Park. The rally got too big for the high school.

Patrick Mara apparently has upset Carol Schwartz

That's right... a REAL Republican on the D.C. City Council. So says the data thus far.

Good for him. And good riddance to Schwartz the RINO.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

US Open Cup champs!!!

And in other news, my boys United defeated the Charleston Battery 2-1 at RFK tonight to become the 2008 U.S. Open Cup champs. Hell. Yes. National champions. This competition deserves the utmost respect from every team in America. It needs to become like the F.A. Cup, Scottish Cup or Copa del Rey, a prestigious national championship competition. Honestly, the MLS Cup really feels unimpressive in comparison.

Bonus: D.C. United punched their ticket to the 2009 CONCACAF Champions League with this win.

And her speech was tremendous!

Sarah Palin just finished hitting Barack Obama and the Washington political and press elite just about as hard as she could. Tremendous. This is clearly a woman not to be trifled with. She hit them on their big government plan for the United States, and on Obama's clear disdain for small-town America. Keep this up and this ticket may get my vote. She is nothing short of amazing.