Thursday, July 17, 2008

STD Fact Checks Mark Warner's "Fact Check"

Warner tries to pander to "conventional wisdom" about the effect of drilling on oil prices, but subsequent events cause it to blow up in his face. Funny how supply is linked to demand... especially since commodities trading has nothing in common with the stock market, where perception is reality, right? Where is the Washington Post on this now? How about the Richmond Times-Dispatch? No? Got nothin'? STD is right on.. if this were George Allen or Jim Gilmore, it would be front-page news.

I have no doubt Warner will just pretend he never said any of that, but we need to hold him responsible, since the MSM clearly will not. Well done, Spank.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mark Warner must be stopped

Not only will he vote with Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Bob Byrd, but I can already see the excuse-making, the talking past people's objections, and the outright lying in his campaign, particularly about the massive tax increases and unrestrained spending increases during his term as Governor. This is not a man we need representing our state. Say what you will about Jim Webb, but at least you know exactly where he stands. Not the case with Mark Warner. It is absolutely vital to make Jim Gilmore our next U.S. Senator.

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Right Wing Liberal comes aboard...

Better late than never. :)

There's just no comparison between Cuccinelli and Foster/Brownlee.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Transportation Mess

Let me begin by saying I do not support ANY of the plans put forth by the Governor or the General Assembly. However, we MUST recognize that we need a dedicated revenue stream for transportation, for everything from Metro to correcting the myriad shortcoming of our state infrastructure. Over at Mason Conservative (by way of Jim Bowden), there is an excellent post about Bob Marshall's heroic efforts to straighten out this mess, with no help from our hero Bill Howell. Bob doesn't just immediately seek 'compromise' on any given issue, he looks for the best, no-nonsense, conservative solution. I LOVE his idea to do away with the federal ethanol mandate. That is high in the running for most ridiculous federal boondoggle of the past 10 years. Eat corn, don't burn it.

I would be in favor of a dedicated gasoline tax to pay for transportation. The big caveat is we can't have the state government "pulling a Mark Warner" and absconding with the transportation money for other purposes. We could also find things to eliminate in the budget to pay for transportation, but then guys like Howell and Albo and Norment will tell us there's nothing more to cut, right?

Yet another reason why Bob Marshall needs to be the next Speaker.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Hope everyone keeps safe and enjoys their long holiday weekend. I know I will.