Sunday, June 28, 2009

HR 2454 passed... what now?

... I'll tell you what, keep fighting. We have an excellent chance to keep this piece of unconstitutional social engineering garbage from passing the Senate.

A bit of a rundown on just HOW bad it is...

Firstly, there is no version of the bill that was passed (yet)... and it contains placeholder provisions, which are categorically unconstitutional.

Secondly, it won't have the purported effect on the economy. Not even close.

Thirdly, despite the administration's sticking its fingers in its ears and screaming "I can't hear you!!!", it won't create any jobs. That has been tried elsewhere.

Obviously all this only scratches the surface, the worst of it is the sheer hubris of its supporters to think they can ignore the Constitution on an even greater scale than the federal government already does, and how they label skeptics as "deniers", as if this was akin to denying the Holocaust.

These people are going to do their worst to force us all to live how they want, where they want, the way they want. This is only the beginning. Health care, right to work, all sorts of things are in their cross hairs. I just wish conservatives could move half as fast as the liberals have since Obama was sworn in. You have to almost admire them on that level. Having said that, this is war, and we libertarians and conservatives have to win.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Call your Congressmen & Senators...

and demand that they vote against HR 2454, better known as the "Cap & Trade" national energy tax bill. It's based on alarmist "global warming" junk science pushed by leftists with a vested interest in reaching certain scientific conclusions. Absolute rubbish. This is just another piece of social engineering manufactured by socialist wackos. Stop it in its tracks.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

And... other news, yes, I live. I'd abandoned my post here due to a combination of being dispirited and just being busy. I'll rededicate myself, as things are just too bad on all fronts politically.

On the plus side, how exciting was it to see Foster and Brownlee come out to make a motion for acclimation at the RPV convention? Ken Cuccinelli is the best things happening in politics right now. Our gubernatorial nominee is mediocre, and started running for governor the moment he became attorney general by a razor-thin margin, but Ken will motivate me to get out to support our ticket this year. We NEED to win all three statewides and gain seats in the House.

Seriously, what is going on with high profile Republicans...

...and cheating on their wives?

First John Ensign, which was bad enough, and now the guy who I was behind for President in 2012, Mark Sanford. Unbelievable. I will now, needless to say, NOT be supporting him in the primaries, as the hypocrisy here, with him being a big social issues guy, is unbearable. Just crazy. I'm becoming convinced that Obama is going to have his way because the GOP is too busy either destroying itself with stuff like this, or too timid to really take on Obama on his leftist collectivist agenda.