Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bailout Fallout

After over two weeks of silence and frustration over the passage of the Great Bailout, I'll return to blogging and and vent a bit. Then, back to business as usual. I expected the Senate to pass it.

Let's face it, the Senate Republican caucus SUCKS. Badly. It features a bunch of Senators who aren't even recognizably Republican, let alone conservative. Arlen Specter (here's hoping Pat Toomey challenges him again in two years, I'll go up there and work for him), Lindsey Graham, Lamar Alexander, Ted Stevens, Lisa Murkowski, Mel Martinez, Thad Cochran, John Warner,and yes, John McCain, among many others, aren't worthy of membership in that caucus. McConnell is debatable, as is Liddy Dole. Despite the efforts of conservative heroes like Bunning, DeMint and Sessions, crap like this always passes in the self-congratulatory "World's Greatest Deliberative Body." It's why I stopped giving to the RNC years ago, and have NEVER given to the NRSC.

But my real anger is reserved for the House GOP. Harry Reid mentioned "sweeteners" in the bill to get some House votes. That's code for buying votes with pork. And it worked. Let's look at the House leadership. Roy Blunt has long been a disgrace. He was Tom DeLay's point man on arm-twisting good conservatives into voting for that Medicare drug boondoggle in 2004. He's been at the forefront of every sellout of conservatives principles just like this one. And he led the charge on this. If he resigns today, it won't be soon enough.

Boehner is perhaps worse, because he was once a conservative, and KNOWS BETTER. He called the amnesty bill a "piece of s**t", and made sure it got out that he said that, even though he'd promised Jorge Bush he'd help get it passed. But now he's sold out on the bailout, and along with all the other failures of leadership, he needs to go. I refuse to buy any of his BS excuses for pushing this. He sold out.

Last, but sadly not least, is our own Eric Cantor. He introdued an alternative bill with Hensarling, then flipped and supported the Paulson bill. Both times. So much for Cantor being the GOP hero of the House, and potentially the first Jewish Speaker. So sad. I will never support the NRCC again.

Everyone, without exception, who supported this crap at all, needs to go.