Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tom Tancredo coming to GMU this evening!

Found out about this thanks to BVBL.

Tom Tancredo is being hosted by the Mason chapter of YAF at the Johnson Center tonight at 7:00, Meeting Room E. I will be there to show my support, hear what he has to say about patriotism and assimilation, and show my Patriot pride. Rep. Tancredo has been an absolute hero on immigration issues. He founded the House Immigration Reform Caucus, and played a huge role in stopping John McCain and George W. Bush's collaboration with the left in 2006 and again in 2007 to ram through amnesty bills. I have met the man twice and both times he was extremely personable, very unlike the rhetoric you hear about him from the left. I would encourage all of you to come out and attend.

I have also heard that our "friends" at certain racial student groups and leftist organizations are going to try and disrupt the event. So let's get a ridiculous turnout and show them they have no chance, not now, not ever. I will make it a point to... express my appreciation to these moonbats and race-baiting charlatans should they put in an appearance.

See you all there.

Afterward, I'm going to either the Damon's in SUB 1 or Brion's to catch the end of GMU finally notching a win down at Trask.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Utter Folly of Keynesianism

Over at Crystal Clear Conservative, my far more eloquent colleague once again rips Keynesian theory wide open. While I can't match her in detail, I feel the need to take the Congress and the economic "chattering classes" to task in the wake of Obama's signing of the socialist porkulus today.

How do these people not get that THE GOVERNMENT CAN'T HELP THE ECONOMY, IT CAN ONLY HURT IT?? It's intrinsically obvious to any serious student of history. From the Peloponessian War to World War II, wars have rescued stagnant economies where government tinkering failed. Is that what we're going to need this time once the Keynesians exacerbate the recession into a depression? We need to rid ourselves of the Federal Reserve and go back to a tight, sound currency backed by gold or other precious metals. You can't print money, it devalues the currency to Weimar Republic levels. That's where these people will take us. Just wait. THIS may be the single biggest reason I could never be a Democrat. Socialism... Er, Keynesianism.

Free markets and capitalism WORK. If the government can just manage to keep its grubby little hands off.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Stop the sales tax hike!!!

It's all up to McDonnell and/or Howell to stop this thing now. Frederick appears to be doing his part. Contact your Senator and tell them to oppose any bill containing pre-payment of sales taxes, including the current one. (Hat tip: RWL)

The Frederick/Griffith/Northam brouhaha

I won't blame Jeff Frederick for this since he was given leave by Griffith and other GOP Senators, but to the whole group... how about we just keep quiet about such things until we can make them actually happen next time, mmmkay? I would have loved to have seen Kaine and Saslaw make excuses for that. Now that won't happen, at least until they drive Northam off again.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Arlen Specter...

is an absolute disgrace. AGAIN. Or still. He betrays the party every single chance he gets on close votes, yet Jorge Bushito and his gang came and rescued him from Pat Toomey in 2004. If a credible challenger emerges to Specter in the Senate primary next year, not only will I contribute to that campaign, I will offer my consulting services and otherwise do everything I can to oust that guy. He could have been a hero and stood with every other Republican Senator outside of Maine against the porkulus bill, but instead, he helped provided the losing margin against the American people. I will address Collins and Snowe another time, but let me say at least you know where they are going to stand on just about every issue, and they don't pretend to positions they don't actually hold. Specter plays Republican long enough to get party support and keep his chairmanship/ranking position, and then knifes us in the back again. He must go. Yesterday. He is a big government liberal tool of the trial lawyers and labor unions. He was also one of the primary exponents of amnesty for criminal illegal aliens.