Wednesday, July 29, 2009

McConnell Must Go

To follow up on what Mason Conservative had to say earlier, McConnell is terrible. He's a former conservative who's just in there to go along to get along these days. He should not be the Minority Leader. How he treated Jim Bunning, a REAL conservative is unconscionable, and I admire Bunning for calling him out on it Monday. Jim Bunning has been a better Senator than McConnell ever has been. Maybe he didn't run a great race six years ago, but he fights for the ideals he supposedly believes in, in contrast to McConnell, who's done little of interest to conservatives since he fought "campaign finance reform" lo, these many years ago.

McConnell, of course, refused to own up to crippling Bunning's fundraising ability over the last year or so. H even recruited his minion Trey Grayson to run against Bunning in the primary. With Bunning out, Rand Paul is the man that needs to win that seat. Every good conservative and libertarian needs to ensure he wins.