Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Katon Dawson for RNC Chair

He's wildly successful as the South Carolina chair, and he has the ideas we need. Read this.

Other candidates include Michael Steele and Saul Anuzis, both "neoconservative" Bush types. Witness their assaults on Ron Paul during the primaries. We've had enough of that sort of thinking. Mike Duncan, unbelievably, is seeking another term after leading the party over a cliff as Jorge Bush's hand-picked guy. Now that takes cajones. Ken Blackwell is a recent entrant. I like him a lot, although he's not the most exciting or dynamic leader.

But Dawson, to me, stands head & shoulders above the rest.

Katon Dawson for RNC Chair.


Anonymous said...

Does it bother you to spend the next two years seeing the RNC chair become the issue rather than fighting on issues?Do you look forward to his editorial cartoon caricature to feature a hood on his head? Further, he isn't a 'great chairman' in SC. He's just in a state with a great GOP. His campaign experience outside riding the tide in SC is, well, null. I think he runs a small garage.

The Northern Virginia Conservative said...

Let me get this straight... we shouldn't make him the next national chair because he's from SC, and we're afraid of the liberals making fun of that? That's your argument?