Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Congresscritters Strike Again

Anyone still wondering why the GOP Congress was such a disappointment for the 12 years it had power? One (more) reason is guys like Kit Bond. The Air Force would like to continue purchasing the F-22, the most advanced air superiority fighter in existence. But Sen. Bond would rather see obsolete F-15 Eagles produced simply because they're built in his home state of Missouri. This is a classic case of a Congresscritter, to use a term from days gone by, dulling the edge of the American sword just for the sake of some jobs (votes, perhaps?) back home. The job of every defense appropriator should be to give the armed services everything they need to be successful in their mission. That means buying as many Raptors and JSFs as the Air Force needs, not ramming old aircraft down the throats of our military and risking the lives of our pilots and the security of our nation. Kit Bond is an example of exactly what we DON'T need in the Republican caucus.

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