Sunday, August 3, 2008

Resign, Senator Ted Stevens. Now. Please.

It's bad enough that this guy may be the biggest porker in the history of Congress. It's bad enough that he regularly cajoles and threatens to keep stealing money from the taxpayers of the United States and sending it home to Alaska and to his friends. But now he's been indicted... yes, indicted, this past week for accepting gifts and favors for doing so. He is a walking, talking avatar of everything wrong with the Senate, the Congress, and the federal government in general. Resign, Ted, and save us some taxpayer dollars.

Bonus, we'll get ourselves a better Senator from Alaska, no matter if it's Dave Cuddy (hopefully), Vic Vickers, or even Democrat Mark Begich.

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Frauglobal said...

Has Gilmore urged Stevens to resign yet? What's his stand on that?