Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Dems as of Tuesday evening...

During my hiatus, I knew that I would have to rant about the freakshow that is the Democratic National Convention upon my return. Our own Marky Mark delivered the keynote last night. RWL, in his best post in a long time, feeds it through the Translator. Classic stuff. Then we have the spectacle of Ted Kennedy, everyone's favorite longtime socialist alcoholic murderer, trying to demand that Barack Obama be elected President in his memory. Spare me. Maybe this is too far, but I'm going to say it anyway. Please, just die, Ted. You've inflicted plenty enough damage on our country already. Failing that, at least resign and shut up.

Hillary Clinton just looked upset during her whole speech. You get the feeling she thinks this was somehow "stolen" from her. Let's see, you and your husband controlled your party for the last 15 years, you had almost the entire Democratic establishment in your back pocket in January of '07 (besides Howard Dean), and you still couldn't come through. Maybe it's because people finally figured out you're a walking, talking pillar of pander, and will say anything to win, and haven't really accomplished... well... anything in the United States Senate. Or, really, ever, besides getting rich at other peoples' expense. Just saying.

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