Sunday, August 3, 2008

Chichester and his RINO brethren

Over at Bloggers for Gilmore, Justice Leaguer brings up one of my favorite topics, the group of RINOs that have been festering in the GA, and particularly the Senate, for years. I cannot abide Chichester. I grew up in Stafford County, in his district, in the 70s and 80s and watched his rise. Now he's helping Marky Mark's campaign. He is an insufferably arrogant, pompous so-and-so. I'm glad he's gone, along with Potts, Callahan and the like. I hope guys like Emmett Hanger, Bill Howell, Dave Albo and Tommy Norment follow him out the door in years to come. If you aren't for minimizing the state government to only things the citizens and their local governments can't do, and correspondingly shrinking the tax burden, we don't need you. Scram, RINOs and DCs.

One more reason to support Jim Gilmore.

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