Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Back after a hiatus...

Yes, I know it's been quite some time. Much has changed. To state the obvious, almost every palatable Presidential candidate is out. My friends, associates and readers all know I share RWL's complete distaste for Huckabee. I simply don't buy Mitt Romney, even for a second. He's only become conservative since he started running for President. He is an elitist county club RINO who thinks he can sell us on his new persona. He is wrong. John McCain is John McCain. Enough said.

That leaves Ron Paul. Yes, I realize his great yawning weakness on foreign policy and the war. But he stands foursquare against the neoconservatives and the DCs, and opposes just about every unconstitutional federal expenditure or powergrab I can think of offhand. Domestically, he is what our founders had in mind. For now, Ron Paul for President. I plan to support him on the 12th. I encourage all of you to do the same. If he is out, and given his performance today, that's possible, I may cross over and vote in the Dem primary for Barack Obama to stop Hillary Clinton. I disagree with the extremely liberal Obama on nearly everything, but he's a good man trying to do good for America. The same cannot be said of the Clintons. Their campaign must be stopped.

In other news, Mason got the key win over VCU to compensate for the loss at UNCW. We've drawn Ohio as our BracketBuster opponent as a reward. Winning in Athens will be extremely difficult, but I think this team can do it. Realistically, we cannot afford another regular season loss, and need to make it at least to the semifinals in Richmond if we want at-large consideration. Focus, gentlemen. Focus. Do that, and we will dance.

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Melissa726 said...

Ron Paul was the last hope for Republicans.... I hope he runs as an Independant candidate. I will promote the heck out of him. I just cannot cast my vote for McCain (although I prefer McCain over those yahoos Huckabee and Romney).

I have a horrible feeling that we are going to end up with President Obama and Vice President Clintoon. Should this happen, Angie and I will be getting drunk in mourning of the downfall of our country -- you are welcome to join us.