Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meghan Cox Gurdon in the Examiner

Get a gander at this.

I'll lay aside for the moment my ideological opposition to Frum and his ilk. Cox Gurdon is essentially endorsing Frum from the standpoint of "Wow, we got away from our principles and let some power-hungry incompetents lead our party for a while. Let's get with the socialist program since the Democrats just won with it. Never mind what we're supposed to stand for. It's more important to win than to stand for anything."


If that is where the Republican party continues to go, I will wholeheartedly vote Democrat. Better to put the pedal to the metal and go to full-blown socialism and have the nation crash sooner than later, and start the rebuilding process. Being slightly less socialist is no strategy or ideology. The whole point is to be FOR something, isn't it? Words cannot describe how disgusted I am with this kind of thinking. Must be going around those dinner parties she and Frum go to.

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BQuad said...

I agree that this is part of the problem and not part of any acceptable solution. I however, will never provide my vote, and thereby my endorsement, for socialism. I will vote third party, even though I do not fully embrace the platform of the party. I resist Libertarian Party anarchist tendencies, but support the small-l libertarian philosophy of governing. The bsts choice for me, even though I do not like the state sponsorship of religion implied, is the Constitution Party....I just hope they can qualify in Virginia.