Saturday, November 1, 2008

The homestretch...

Yes, folks... I've been severely, severely remiss in my posting. I put it down to the sheer revulsion I've been suffering. Republicans supporting the bailout, the coming Congressional bloodletting... you name it. I should mention there will be some Republicans losing whom I'll be glad to see gone, such as Chris Shays, Gordon Smith and Liddy Dole. But the real danger is that in the Senate, it gets so ugly that there's not enough resistance to filibuster things like the Orwellian "Employee Free Choice Act"... second only to the moniker attached to the bailout, "economic rescue" in terms of misrepresentation.

Despite my unhappiness with our House candidate, Mark Ellmore, I'll be voting to hold the odious Jim Moran accountable. Those of you who can, please, please, please support Keith Fimian and keep Connolly out of Congress. And I cannot possible overstate the need to make Jim Gilmore our next Senator. Mark Warner, there's no other way to put this, is a liar and schemer of Clintonian proportions. Say what you will about Gilmore, but he says what he means and means what he says. Throw in the fact that Warner will be a vote for EFCA and every other piece of socialist rubbish the Democrats want to pass, and this is probably the most important choice voters in Virginia will make Tuesday. Jim Gilmore for Senate.

As to the top of the ticket, I will be supporting the best conservative choice. And that is Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia. He is absolutely honest, hardworking, and actually has the nerve to believe that the government should be responsible to the taxpayer, unlike the two spendaholics being offered up by the major parties. He opposed every bailout from Bear Stearns on, unlike John McCain and the rabid black nationalist socialist.

That about covers it.


Carolyn said...

That Employee Free Choice, what free choice? Choose to get fired by your boss or beat up by the Union guys. Nice choice.

Melissa said...

While I agree that Bob Barr is the best choice, there is not a snowball's chance he'll win so you basically gave your vote to Obama. We needed you to cancel out idiots like my mother who voted for Obama.

I voted for Gilmore. I hope he wins, but I doubt the clowns who vote for Obama will vote for Gilmore.

May God/Vishnu/Flying Spaghetti Monster have mercy on this country if that socialist pig is elected.

The Northern Virginia Conservative said...

John McCain needed to EARN my vote. He didn't. And now we have to stop the socialists from wrecking out country too bad.