Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The effort to remove Jeff Frederick as RPV chair, and why it's wrong

Having been out of circulation as far as the blogosphere goes lately, I'm simply amazed at the hue and cry to remove Frederick. True, he's pretty much fallen flat on his much-ballyhooed effort the revamp the RPV website and coordinate more effectively with conservative blogs here in Virginia. He's also not shown any sort of inclination towards financial transparency. Nevertheless, it is WAY too early to be calling for his head. Surprise,surprise, the people in the forefront are the minions ofTom Davis, led by Ken Klinge.

It's not a surprise that the RINOs dislike Frederick, given that his wife (at least) was a big Ron Paul supporter, and Frederick himself has always stood against big government. It IS surprising that they would misread the bad news in these past elections as an opportunity to blame Frederick for everything. We had a completely pathetic Senate campaign that couldn't raise money and couldn't compete, and a Presidential nominee who no one seemingly wanted, but was all but inevitable after South Carolina. There was absolutely nothing Frederick could have done to change the dynamic in either case. Virgil Goode's loss is bad news, but didn't exactly run the greatest campaign, either.

I say give Jeff Frederick at least until the convention. If we need to make a change, make it there, or after.

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