Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cuccinelli takes on the EPA ruling and the IPCC

This is another example of why I support this man. He is doing everything he said he would do. Not least was his promise to take on the overreaching federal government. The Washington Post has the story on his filing a petition in federal court Tuesday against the Environmental Protection Agency (as well as one with the EPA itself...good luck with that one) for a review of EPA's decision to brand carbon dioxide a danger to public health, and thus subject to regulation under the Clean Air Act. All of this stems from the politically motivated, demonstrably false 2007 report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which has mainly been in the news lately for the errors in it and the attempt to cover them up ("Climategate") by left wing global warmists.

Here's hoping Ken is successful and gets this ruling thrown out.

UPDATE: (via RWL) Ken had a press conference yesterday where he ripped the IPCC and the "science" as "unreliable, unverifiable and doctored." Good times. Predictably, the environmental nuts showed up, including the VA Sierra Club, and talked about how bulletproof their "science" is. Keep right on thinking that, guys. AS RWL points out, the DCPost reporter, Helderman, makes a lot of excuses for the IPCC and slants the story. THIS is why no one regards them as neutral. It's not an opinion piece, is it?


Cargosquid said...

Don't you love the sound of liberal heads imploding......

The Northern Virginia Conservative said...

I do... it's like one giant conniption fit in the making.

"But capitalism and industry are BAD! but..but..but..."

Ahhh... sounds like...victory.

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