Thursday, January 22, 2009

Herrity for Chair

It is absolutely, vitally important to keep Sharon Bulova, Connolly's sidekick, out of the county chair. We have a terrific candidate in Pat Herrity, who will put a stop to what Hanley and Connolly have done to the county over the past few years.

Support Pat Herrity


Anonymous said...

I do not know much about Herrity (just read up on him today), but he does not seem like the best conservative. Anyone is better than Connolly, whom I have met. On the positive note, has anyone seen Connolly's teeth? I personally have, and they has more patch work than a 100 year old quilt. So, who is he trying to have pay for it???? HMMMMMMMM

The Northern Virginia Conservative said...

Herrity is far from a perfect conservative, but he's a straight arrow, and that is something we desperately need right about now.